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Glass Tables

Looking for a custom glass table for your home or office?  We can design your dream table for your office or home.  Custom kitchen countertop tables, living room tables, coffee tables, office/ den desk tables or gaming tables.  If you have an office, we can design your...
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Storm Doors

Also known as screen doors, storm doors keep the pests out while also allowing you experience the beauty of the outdoors. Adding or replacing your storm door can add a lot of functional and aesthetic value to your home. Hepting offers a variety of finishes and models for your home

Exterior Doors

Finding the right door doesn't have to be hard. At Hepting Glass, we'll help you find the perfect exterior door for your home or project! With a wide variety of finishes and models to choose from, we definitely know you'll come knocking!

Patio Doors

For patio doors, we provide a number of options and manufacturers to chose from. We carry patio doors in a number of customized sizes so you would need to make adjustments to your opening. We also provide a variety of wood and aluminum styles and colours.

Interior Doors

Along with windows and patio doors, Hepting Glass has a vast selection of interior doors for closets, doorways, and even showers. If you are looking to replace an existing door or upgrade for a more modern look, we can provide you with the right look and the right door.

Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bars

  Glass backsplashes provide a modern day look to any kitchen or bathroom, that is also easier to clean!  Our backsplashes are back painted and come in a multitude of color options. We can even customize them to match a provided paint chip to fit your home perfectly. ...
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PVC Windows & Window Replacement

In the market for new windows or replacement windows? Look no further than Hepting Glass, Regina's best PVC Window & window replacement installation company. At Hepting, we have a large selection of styles for every home.  If you are interested in single-hung PVC windows or...
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Glass Curtain Walls

Hepting Glass offers curtain glass for commercial use.  There are few organizations that understand the unique design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of curtain walls.  At Hepting, we have done a number of installations of glass...
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ENTRANCE DOORS Along with windows and patio doors, Hepting has a vast selection of entrance doors in both fibreglass and steel.  If you are looking to replace an existing door or upgrade for a more modern look, we can provide you with the right look and the right door.  PATIO...
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Auto Glass

Does Auto Glass Matter? Auto glass is an integral component of the safety of any car or truck.  Today's vehicle glass can help stop your vehicle from crushing down during a roll-over.  Ensuring that you have the glass properly installed with the best sealant and application...
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Heavy Equipment Glass Repair

At Hepting we understand industrial glass applications and how mission critical they can be.  We provide the following services: Glass for graders, excavators, combines, bulldozers and all other heavy equipment Safety, tempered, plexi and other glass applications All glass...
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RV's and Camper Windows

We can perform flat glass repair on all models of RV's and campers.  Get in touch with us for all your window and glass needs for your leisure activities.

Stone Chips

Let's get that annoying stone chip out of the way, before it spreads!  Walk ins are welcome! No appointment required!   If you have auto glass coverage, we will process your claim for you. 

Glass Railings

We specialize in interior and exterior glass railings.  Every project is different and we take pride in designing and installing your CUSTOM glass railing system.

Custom Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures.

We specialize in custom showers, shower enclosures, walk-in showers and tub dividers. We will build you the home shower experience you’ve always wanted. We can configure and build a wide variety of bath or shower entry systems, designed from the ground up to meet and exceed both...
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Screen Door Repair

We provide screen door and window repairs.  If you need new wheels, rollers, fasteners, or the screen itself need to be replaced, we can help at Hepting.    Having an industry expert like Hepting Glass to work with makes your screen installation process quicker, a lot...
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Commercial Glass Window Repair

We provide commercial glass repair services for hotels, restaurants, auto dealerships, retail stores, strip malls, pharmacies, shopping centres, property management companies, and more.  If you need glass repair for a storefront, doors or broken windows and more we provide...
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Residential Wall Mirrors Want to brighten up your home & make it appear more spacious, consider using full length or mounted wall mirrors.  Wall mirrors can be added to any room even bathrooms, your weight room or exercise room, or as a decorative piece in...
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Patterned Glass

Pattern glass or often referred to as stain glass, Hepting Glass offers a range of striking and beautiful glass patterns.  For use in a home renovation, patterned glass can be very attractive while also being very practical in providing a balance of...
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Office Partition Doors & Dividers

Office partition doors and dividers are a specialty! Our glass store in Regina offers beautiful tempered glass options in a variety of thicknesses, along with functional and decorative hardware. Along with a variety of hinge operations and sliders, and you have a very flexible...
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Tinted Glass

Tinted or coloured glass is fairly common so calling it specialty glass seems a little strange. However, it is a specialty glass product.  Tinted glass comes in a variety of colours but red, amber, green, black, grey and blue tend to be the most common. Tinted...
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Bullet Proof Glass

Bulletproof glass can be used for a number of purposes including storefront windows.  Businesses that are concerned about security, protecting their business assets after closing or downtime related to break-ins sound consider bulletproof glass.   At...
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X-Ray Shielding Glass

If you are looking for X-ray glass, Hepting provides the best in X-ray glass.  Our glass is composed of high-quality optical grade lead-barium glass.  It contains over 60% heavy metal oxide, and at least 55% of PbO Surfaces are mirror polished.  Excellent for medical...
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Fireplace Glass

Keeping the Home Fires BurningHepting glass provides fireplace glass replacement for stoves and all types of fireplaces.   We offer tempered glass for low heat units and ceramic glass for high heat models. We can provide crushed glass for designer gas fireplaces....
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