Window & Window Replacements

Replacement Windows and Windows

At Hepting, we understand that repairing a window is less than replacing it.  However, there comes a time when replacing a window is the only option available.  We pride ourselves in helping our customers understand when it can be repaired and when it needs to be...
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Window Parts & Hardware

When deciding on new window hardware or window replacement parts, you have a number of brands to chose from, but few offer quality at a fair price and are long-lasting.   At Hepting Glass, we strive to ensure that your windows and doors perform for years to come. ...
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PVC Windows & Window Replacement

In the market for new windows or replacement windows? Look no further than Hepting Glass, Regina's best PVC Window & window replacement installation company. At Hepting, we have a large selection of styles for every home.  If you are interested in single-hung PVC windows or...
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