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Auto Glass

Do I need to replace my windshield or can I just repair it?

Generally, cracks no longer than 15cm (6 inches) or less than 7.5 cm (3 inches) from the edge of the glass can be safely repaired. If you’re not sure, request a quote and upload a picture of the whole windshield with the damage visible. We’ll let you know if it needs...
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Do you do only windshields?

We do all things glass including boat windshields, RV windshields and windows, trailer windows, and heavy equipment windshield and window repairs and installation.  Home improvement including window & window replacement & installation services.Custom...
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How long does auto glass replacement take?

The actual replacement takes about one hour, but we recommend not driving the vehicle for 2-3 hours to ensure full bonding of the sealants. Based on humidity, temperature, and other factors, we’ll give you a safe time to drive away.

Do I have any rain sensor or other options on my windshield?

When we provide you with a quote, we will ask you some questions to ensure that we provide you with the right glass for your replacement.

Will a rock chip repair make my chip disappear completely?

There are many factors that play a role in the quality of your repair such as: 1. The sooner the repair is made, the better the outcome.2. The size of the chip matters. A windshield repair is intended to stop the spread of the damaged area, not be invisible. Repairs to small chips are...
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Do you bill my insurance agent or my insurance company?

We take care of all the paperwork for your claim for you and your insurance agent. All insurance companies are billed directly, less the amount of your deductible.

Will my insurance rates go up if I file a claim?

No. Auto glass replacement and windshield repairs fall under the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy and will not initiate a rate hike. 

What if my windshield leaks?

All auto glass replacements from Hepting Glass include a one year warranty. Warranty is not included on used glass or glass replacements provided by the customer.

Can I drive off right away?

 Most vehicles do require time for the adhesive bond to set. Your technician will explain to you the requirements set by that adhesive manufacturer. Most adhesive kits take four hours to cure. Fast cure options are available.

Do I have to worry about broken glass after the replacement?

No. One major step in our final inspection is cleanliness. Your auto glass replacement technician will remove work-related debris from the work area including broken glass, leftover adhesive or molding pieces, and clean-up rags.

Do I have to be present during my auto glass replacement?

No. We understand the demands on your time and will do everything we can to make your experience with us as simple and as convenient as possible.