Why Auto Glass Matters

One of the overlooked areas of automobile safety is the auto glass. With the advent of new cars, safety features and air bags the the auto glass you have matters more than you might imagine. Your auto glass is actually an integral part of the overall safety of your car or truck.

The glass you have can actually save your life in an accident. Of course having a chipped or broken windshield can cause problems with visibility, but it also does much more.

  • The glass prevents and is part of a system to stop your vehicle from crushing down during roll-overs. This is where having the best sealant and application of that sealant can save your life.
  • The glass directs the air bag to deploy properly and that again can save your life.

Proper handling of the glass and the application of the highest quality sealants makes sure that if you do have an accident, your protected to the maximum ability of your vehicles structure.

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