Most people take a look at new windows in the spring, but that might be a bad idea if you want to get your windows in by summer. Here at Hepting we have an idea that might help you get those windows in quickly and help you save a bit of time and hassle.

How It Works:

 In the winter not a lot of people are looking at getting their windows done as it’s just too cold and miserable. So everyone waits for spring and when spring comes its quite the rush to get the new windows in. Everyone orders and then the factories back up, the orders take longer and everyone gets backed up.

 So here is a better idea:

 Give us a call before spring, we can measure and make sure the units are correct for what you need. Come the first weeks of when spring should be here we can order the units and get them here within a couple of weeks. You wont have to wait for sometimes eight weeks during the spring stampede.

 We like to make your life a bit easier here at Hepting, hope this helps if you are looking for new windows or sealed units!





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