Sadly it seems the season of car break-ins is here. Over the last few weeks we have had far too many broken windows that needed to be replaced that were due to break-ins. So we thought maybe a quick check list of what to do when your car is broken into would be a good idea.

Contact The Police: You are most likely missing a few things and as such you should file a police report as soon as you can, and preferably before you move the car. Don’t call 911, but use the non-emergency number at (306) 777-6500. We know you probably feel violated and you are a victim of crime but try to remember that it was probably nothing personal.

 You will need to show ID and most likely registration papers when they arrive. If you do have to move the car try to take some pictures for proof of what went on.

Contact Your Insurance Agent: most likely the car is damaged and you will need to get the glass replaced and possibly some items. Call them and see if anything is covered. If you need some help with that drop in and we can help you. Remember also that your home owners insurance may cover items not covered by your automobile policy.

Repair The Glass: Yes, this is where we can come in and be of real service. Your auto glass is a part of safe driving and so if you do get your glass broken, then be sure to swing in and get us to replace it!

Prevent Identity Theft: If you have your wallet, purse or any items stolen with credit cards, or any other personally identifying information then be sure to cancel the credit cards and follow what this link to the RCMP says to do.

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