Ever wonder about the different types of windows out there? Here is a small list to get you thinking about what you might need. We can cover a lot of ground here quickly, Regina really will never have a jalousie window – but if you need it we can most likely get it. Just don’t complain about a bit of a draft in winter!

Fixed Windows: These are quite common in commercial and industrial buildings. They are simply fixed glass units that have no opening or closing abilities.

Sliding Windows: These units offer a good combination on ease of use, venting and good light. Many new homes have these installed

Double or Single Hung: These windows can be the new PVC windows of the last few years but they also go back to older homes where there can be a counter-weight installed in the sides of the window. The older wood ones can have a lot of problems with getting stuck and not going up and down smoothly, but the new PVC ones – no worries with that.

Casement Windows: These sealed glass units are great for getting a breeze in as they open all the way and allow for maximum breeze.

Awning Windows: Used a lot in mid century and basement windows these offer a good way blend of light and air. The one downside is with a crank mechanism they cannot open too far and may impede breezes coming in.

Hopper Style: These windows are a lot like awning windows but they swing inwards. Not easy for screens but in some areas they are a good idea as the whole window can be opened.

Centre Pivot: The whole window will open from a central pivot point. Again putting in a screen is pretty impossible but like many applications they can be a good solution for the right application.

Jalousie Style: Pretty well unheard of in Western Canada as its small louvers provide excellent air movement and can usually be opened in the rain. Mostly used in hot and tropical areas… For more information: Houzz.com has an excellent article on different styles and even a bit of  a primer on smart glass technologies coming into play.

different styles of windows

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