Exciting developments in the automotive industry have had a major impact on windshield design and functionality in recent years.  This development is forcing windshield manufactures to up their game.  Not only do they need to adhere to increasingly stringent end-product safety and quality requirements , their windshields must also answer designer demands.  They must feature “smart” functionality.

Today, a windshield isn’t just a piece of glass that separates the driver from the outside elements and provides visibility.  It’s a transparent component that can feature a variety of integrated functions including rain sensors, GPS, radio, Acoustic, Wi-Fi or new head-up displays(HUDs) and Lane Departure Warning Systems.  Particularly, the future of HUDs is incredibly promising.   HUDs allows drivers to focus on the road ahead because all information they need is displayed on the windshield area and easily within view.  These kinds of applications call for printed or wired applications for antennas integration or other systems.

When calling in for a quote for a windshield replacement please let us know what options your windshield has so we can accurately quote you, if you’re not sure come by and we will take a look and let you know what options your vehicle has.

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