There are a lot of different applications for glass here in Regina. Yes, we do rock chips, auto glass and we fix just about any type of glass you might think about – but did you ever think about getting a solid glass back splash?

 This is a fairly new application for glass but since its introduction it has become quite popular. Solid glass back splashes have no place for germs or bacteria to hide, wash up very easily, installation is way faster and cleaner than tiles and we bet it costs less than expensive tiles also. A bit of a win-win here for new homeowners or people looking for something a bit different for their kitchen or even bathroom.

 Sure, you could go with glass tiles or the more traditional tiles for a back splash, but if you are looking for something very clean, very modern and really easy to use – this might be the perfect idea.

  We need to start with a very clean, unblemished wall (you don’t anything to show through, so the walls cannot be unfinished! A frosted glass is the perfect choice for the glass as it tends to glow beautifully under the lights and offers a soft look.

 The glass is then placed on top of the counter-top and nailed in with a small channel of wood or metal at the top – glue cannot be used as it would show through. Then a bead of clear silicon is put in at the bottom and sides to hold the glass in place.

 The finishing is what makes the backsplash wall really beautiful. We can cut spacers and holes so that electrical and venting can come through and of course we will seal around that so that there is no dirt getting in behind the backsplash.

 If you are looking for some ideas take a look at the links here at – they have some great ideas!

 For us we think it looks pretty clean and cool. A bit of a different take on the traditional tile. What do you think?

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