Between residential and commercial glass repairs is a huge area for industrial glass repairs. The thing about industrial is that most of the time its not always glass repairs but plexiglass and lexan windows also…

The reason is that industrial machines like dozers, graders, rig equipment, forklifts, bobcats, semi trucks and backhoes etc…  all of need to have a really tough and flexible product that can take a few hits.  In any industrial glass installation there is a serious need for flexibility, toughness and non-breakage. That’s where tempered glass and the odd Plexiglas or Lexan comes in.

On an industrial site one has to use the best plan for strength and safety…

Since we have been doing this for years we have been amassing a huge amount of templates. This helps out the industrial sites as the glass needs to be custom cut as it is tempered, and you cannot cut tempered glass, it has to be custom made.  More on tempered glass here.

If you need we can also come out to the site, get the broken unit and make sure we can get back just as quick as possible. We know that time is of the essence when you have big rigs and time constraints.

We even have hard hats for when we come onto your site. Yes, we are prepared!

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