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The amazing world of glass repairs and sales in Regina, Saskatchewan. Covering the world of auto, commercial, residential and industrial glass sales and repairs. The adventure never ends here at Hepting Glass!

The Different Types of Glass

The Different Types of Glass

There is actually an incredible amount of glass types available for use, from panels that can be walked on to glass for windows to panels that have metal wire woven right into it.

It all depends what you need.

Here are the most common types of glass:

Annealed: Ever wonder how a sheet of glass is perfectly flat? Its easy once you have a molten vat full of tin or mercury (mercury is not used very much anymore). The molten glass is floated across and from there allowed to cool into a flat sheet. The thickness depends on simply the amount of molten glass being poured in and the time it is allowed to congeal. A lot of time and a lot of product makes for a lot of thick glass…

A paneled thickness runs from around 3mm and up. In between that are a lot of specialized types that are used in different applications:

laminatedLaminated: Laminated panels is used generally in high security applications. A thin layer of plastic is sandwiched and glued between two sheets of glass. This allows the laminated panels to not break very quickly and if it does the plastic sticks between the layers and does not allow the glass to be easily penetrated.

Laminated glass can also have several different types of plastic inside due several different applications such as stopping UV rays, sound proofing, colour and such.

coatedCoated: Usually a thin layer of metal or other gases are applied in a vacuum which allows for special transmission properties such as scratch resistance, corrosion resistance or other uses. You won’t see a lot of this at a local glass shop, as its mainly contained to high end industrial applications.


mirroredMirrored: Mirrored panels is made with one side of flat glass being coated with silver, gold or chrome, then goes on a couple of layers of protective paint and a new mirror is born.

One way glass just has no protective paint and a thinner layer of metal.


patterned glassPatterned: Patterned glass is simply a flat glass that is passed through a negative mold of the desired effect. Most of the times the glass is thicker than average so that the pattern will have some strength. There are numerous styles to choose from.


tempered glassTempered: A lot of people wonder why tempered units take longer to get and why it is so much more expensive, and there is a good reason for that!

Tempered units have to break into very small shards so that if it does break there are no huge daggers of glass that could lead to loss of life and serious damage. Think of what a car window looks like after an accident… small pieces of glass everywhere but no huge shards. That can reduce injuries very quickly.

The way they make it is that the tempered panel is heated at around 600 then rapidly cooled on the exterior while the inside remains molten. The different cooling areas produce more strength and the characteristic pattern of small pieces if broken.

Why Do Sealed Units Break & Fog?

Why Do Sealed Units Break & Fog?

 Sealed units  or what are commonly called windows, can fail for a lot of reasons and the surprising one is that it probably is not the homeowners fault at all.

 Invented in the mid 1970s the PVC sealed glass units should be lasting at least 10 years or more at least but most will last far longer under normal conditions.

 Contrary to what a lot of people believe the inside of the glass is not a vacuum, it would implode, but is just simply air. For better energy savings it can also be argon gas and or Low E glass. every little bit helps in Saskatchewan.

Why Did My Window Fog Up?

Bad Seals: one of the most common parts that fails is the rubber seal between the glass panes that allows the moisture from the outside to enter in. A lot of times this is due to a huge differential between inside and outside temperatures that literally warps the window.

 For instance a nice “For Sale” sign is placed right on the glass or tin foil is applied to the window… not a  good idea.

No Drainage: Residential glass in the frame is not actually 100% waterproof, although with the rubber seals it is close to that. Instead any moisture that does get past the seal is designed to run down the glass into a small channel and then out through vents at the bottom of the window.

 Sadly if these drains get plugged and then water freezes inside it can quickly break the seal and even crack the window.

Frame Movement: between the hot summers in Saskatchewan, the chilling winters, and the lack of bedrock to build on the reality is that homes and businesses can do a lot of shifting. Without proper tolerances (the glass is too tight to the window) then you can easily get the glass separating from the rubber gaskets and or again breaking.

 So, there is really little you can do once the units are cracked or misted. Just give us a call and we will be happy to quote on some new sealed units – we might even be able to make them more energy efficient!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

 Its been quite the year here at Hepting Glass. Some great people have joined the team and some have moved onto better opportunities and places.

 The year though has seen some big changes with the total revamp of our warehouse and workshop. We even got around to painting the shop floor, got a website and pretty well everything has a place to hang on the wall by now. Trust us, we are way busier than we have been in years and getting organized has been a big part of that

 We would like to wish all of our clients, friends and family a great Christmas season and a Happy New Year.

 Stay tuned – we have a lot more changed up in the next few months.

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

 At Hepting we like to make sure that our clients are safe and have a good time driving, with so many people being new to the city we thought we might mention a few tips for driving.

Remember Neutral: If you start to skid on ice, be sure to shift into neutral and brake lightly from there. With the transmission now in neutral there is no power coming through the transmission and the vehicle will stop sooner.

Practice: Now is a good time to head to the local open field or mall and try braking and turning to get used to how your car handles in the snow and ice. This can actually save your life when you suddenly need to stop or avoid an accident in snowy conditions.

Accelerate and Brake Slowly: Snow and ice can really interfere with stopping and acceleration so be prepared to brake slowly and accelerate slowly so you can keep control of the automobile at all times.

You Need More Distance: The snow and ice are not going to help you to stop fat. In the winter you need a lot more room between you and the next car or truck. Hang back and give the drivers around you a lot of room.

Be Seen and Be Aware: One thing that you really need is to be able to be seen and be very aware or the road. We of course are going to mention that now is a very good time to get that windshield replaced or that crack filled to make sure that you have 100% visibility on the road.

Safety Equipment: The fact is that the average person does not dress for the cold while driving and a small setback like a flat tire or getting stuck can really mean a sudden life and death situation sometimes, or at the least a bad case of frostbite.

 Have in your vehicle at least an ice scraper, a blanket, some gloves, an old jacket, tow ropes, battery cables and a flashlight. Nobody gets a flat tire on a nice day and we would hate to see you freeze out there.

SGI has a great link to some resources

Fireplace Glass

Fireplace Glass

 The wood is chopped, the snow has come down and its time to enjoy the fireplace, hopefully that’s all but if you do have a broken fireplace glass unit – we can fix it.

 Fireplace glass is one of the real specialty glasses used in the industry. A lot of the fireplace manufacturers will use tempered glass (that’s like an auto glass) but that is not actually what you need as the fireplace glass has to be a ceramic-glass composite. It will break in long shards, but be able to take heat up to 1400 degrees without a problem. Some people have even argued it is not really glass but a transparent ceramic.

 Don’t Forget Your Gasket:

 In between the gap between the glass insert is usually a fibreglass gasket. Be sure to bring this in as it creates a seal between the fire and the outside. This makes sure that there is no air gap for smoke to come through and creates better combustion for the fire it self.

 The gasket also provides a good amount of protection for the glass to not crack, so it is really important that we have it.

Cleaning The Glass:

 When your fireplace is cool and you start the fire you may notice that there is condensate on the glass and it disappears as the glass worms. Over time this can actually lead to the minerals in the water permanently etching the glass, but you might also be able to clean it.

 Head into any fireplace manufacturer and ask for the special glass cleaner. Then apply as per their directions. The white stain should come off. If not then the glass has been permanently etched and sorry, you need to call us for replacement…

 Fireplaces are great in Saskatchewan and just in case you don’t have one we thought you could use this three hour long video of one burning… even if you are at the office it will hopefully add  a little cheer to the season!

Saving Energy with Argon & Low-E Windows

Saving Energy with Argon & Low-E Windows

 Saskatchewan, to be fair, has some pretty extreme weather shifts and as such a lot of what we build and live in needs to take into account not just hot summers, but freezing cold winters. Heating and cooling costs are not going to go down anytime soon, so we need to try to save money as much as we can when thinking about costs.

 This is where low-E glass and argon comes in.

 Low E Glass: Basically it stands for Low Emission Glass.  What it really is, is a very light metallic coating on the inside or outside of a window that helps in many ways to keep the house cool or warm as is needed. The coating is microscopic and so it does not interfere with being able to see through the glass!

 The metallic coating cuts down on infrared rays coming from the sun and this works in two ways to help keep your home cool or warm – as needed.

 In the summer the coating keeps the heat out and in the winter it keeps the heat in. So the great thing is that it works both ways.

 A bonus is that the coating really cuts down on the fading power of the sun. Something to think about if you have a lot of photos, expensive carpets or art work you want protected from fading.

Argon Gas: Argon is a naturally occurring, non-reactive and dense gas that when trapped between two layers of gas gives about 30% less heat transmission than regular air. This makes the windows better at not transmitting the heat or cold from one side to the other. Either way you wind up saving energy!

 One thing that really does not deal with new or replacement windows is to think about having something over the window. Like we said before- it is Saskatchewan by the way! Every little bit helps.

  A good window covering like a heavy drape or blind can also make a huge difference in both the summer and winter. Creating an air gap, cutting down on thermal uptake etc… combined with the above options on glass can make difference when you get the bill from the local utility board.

All About Argon – We Got The Unit!

All About Argon – We Got The Unit!

 Argon is an inert gas that is natural, heavier than air and able to insulate better in windows than common air. It can insulate better as it is a denser gas than air and as such does not conduct as much heat, has less expansion than air and so it acts a better thermal barrier.

 Considering that we live in Regina and between the sweltering summers and the endless winters maybe having our own argon machine might be a good idea Troy thought (he’s always thinking!) and so over the last few weeks the company has been searching high and low to get something.

 Took a while but searching the Internet is usually a pretty good bet and within a couple of weeks of looking Troy was able to find the perfect machine.

 Of course it was located in Southern Georgia and so time for trying to make sure PayPal would be able to refund our money if anything went wrong.

 Finally a shiny new package arrived from the US through customs and into the shop. Yep, its here our very own argon machine, now it’s time to get back to work…. A bit of training with the new argon unit we are rolling… We are really going to be offer some real value, here in our shop!

 Might make those hot summers or cold winters a bit more easy to handle. With energy costs spiralling upwards every year – every little bit helps!

Some facts about argon filled windows:

  • Argon filled windows have some interesting considerations:
  • Argon filled windows are more energy efficient
  • They have better sound control due to the fact of being a denser gas than just air
  • Argon is non-corrosive as compared to oxygen
  • Reduces the chances of condensation and frost due to cold
Heavy Glass, Use a Lifter!

Heavy Glass, Use a Lifter!

 Sometimes installing glass is not as easy as it looks. One of the things a lot of people don’t realize is just how heavy and yet fragile the glass can be.

 Out in White City the owners had three huge sealed units that were leaking  and needed replacing. So we had to head out, take templates measures and then try to figure out how the three units might actually be installed.

 When the house was built it was fairly easy, drive around back and up they go. But now with the garden grown in and a small reflecting pool we had to measure the area, find a lifter and get a plan about how to get a crane in the back without destroying the yard.

 Then came the scaffolding, driveable crane, safety harnesses and with our pockets filled with tools, drivers, razors, silicon and such up we went.

 Jay was familiar with the lifter and within a few hours we had the three units in just before the sun set and the cold came on. There is nothing like working in the fall in Regina, when the sun sets it gets cold, really, really quickly.

 The install went pretty good. The lifter and the introduction of serious scaffolding, safety ropes and harnesses etc… meant that we would have to spend a bit more time than usual, but the end result was a much better sealed window unit, complete with low-e glass, argon and at least a couple more decades of great service and wonderful views.

Happy to Announce !

Happy to Announce !

Hepting Glass Centre is pleased to announce that Troy Campbell has joined our team as a co-owner with Barry. Troy has been working with us for the last few months and his management and operations experience has allowed us to triple our staff, so as to provide the customer service and timely response that the market demands.

Also we are very happy to have John (Jay) Graham aboard as our Head Installer.

Jay brings years of experience in the industry and a true sense of professionalism and knowledge on all projects that he is involved in. He also allows us to expand our operations into area’s that will broaden our available offerings to our customers.

We look forward to moving ahead and continuing to grow and build our reputation thru Customer Service and great pricing as we serve our valued customer’s in Regina and area.

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