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The amazing world of glass repairs and sales in Regina, Saskatchewan. Covering the world of auto, commercial, residential and industrial glass sales and repairs. The adventure never ends here at Hepting Glass!

Beautiful Custom Tempered Glass Shower’s


usonia shower install in regina january

At Hepting Glass Centre all of our glass shower’s are ‘Custom’ made to order, giving our clients the flexibility to customize their doors and enclosures.  The Glass for these goes through a tempering process that ensures excellent durability and safety.

We also provide several options of high quality hardware to complete the overall sleek beautiful appearance.

Make your ‘Custom’ Glass Shower the centerpiece of your bathroom.  Frameless Glass doors and enclosures increase value to your home by adding a touch of luxury with it’s simple but yet elegant open concept.  By upgrading to a frameless design, you are then able to choose from a variety of finishes and styles of handles and hinges, to accent your ‘Custom’ shower.



If you prefer some privacy in the shower, there are Glass options which are opaque or patterned to provide that privacy you’re looking for.  Since all of our showers are ‘Custom’- made, the possibilities are endless depending on the style or size of your space.  We at Hepting Glass Centre, can help you choose the right shower design that will suit your bathroom.

The quality of our ‘Custom’ showers ensures that your installation will be both durable and beautiful.

Take time and ‘Enjoy The Finer Things’ you deserve.

Please get a hold of us with any inquires you may have.

Also please check out the ‘Photo’ Gallery of our work on the website for some examples.



Holiday Business Hours

Holiday Business Hours

Hepting Glass Centre will be closed starting Dec 24  to Jan 4  returning on Monday Jan 5. From the Management and Staff I would like to wish you all a Safe & Merry Christmas Season and a Healthy and Prosperous 2015,

Best wishes to you all !

Glass – A Fascinating History

Glass – A Fascinating History

 When you look at your glass windows do you ever wonder just about the history it took to get here? Surprisingly glass has an ancient history that is very interesting, we thought you might like to know just what is behind all those windows to the world you see everywhere.

 Glass making can be traced back to about 3,000 BC and then due to several catastrophes in the Mediterranean area glass went out of use until about 900 BC. So for almost two thousand years glass actually disappeared from history.

 Probably the earliest glass was a by-product in probably an accidental way from the smelting of metal, so in a sense the use of this transparent material is as important a development as making metal and they go in hand.

 It was truly though a luxury product that only the rich could afford, and was at times a closely guarded secret. The average person was lucky to have some beads made from the material and the larger pieces were made exclusively for the upper classes.

Today, it is used by just about everyone and in so many, many things. Like your smart-phone screen that was actually developed in the mid 1960s and sat on a shelf until Apple was looking for very high strength, low density material for the first Iphone. It was originally plastic, but that was changed in a famous marketing idea launched by Steve Jobs.  But a few thousand years ago it was just a luxury product right up there with salt, gold and ostrich feathers…

roman glass It took a few more centuries but the Romans picked up on how to make glass, refined the process and more or less perfected the art. It was not until the end of the 18th century that their methods were replaced with more modern ones. Not a bad run for methods when they last around 2,000 years.

 Czech and northern Italy were Mecca’s of production and even today some of the best glass comes from these areas. Venice is still famous for her glass works. And nothing beats Northern European crystal.

 What really changed glass production though was the advent of flat-glass. They used to make glass fairly level at one time by pouring it out on flat metal sheets and then cutting it, or dragging molten glass up from a trough and letting it cool. Both methods made for glass that was clear but would have differing thicknesses and a lot of small imperfections. To see this take a close look at a window that was made about 100 years ago. Notice the edges and imperfections?

modern glass building In 1959 Pilkington Glass made a new process for making glass perfectly flat. This involved floating the molten glass on a base of liquid tin. This made for zero imperfections and a highly controlled system to make glass in any thickness. It was actually revolutionary.

 And from 1959 you can see how glass has become a building product right up there with steel and concrete.

 So when you do look out your window, think about the thousands of years people have worked on making that surface absolutely perfect. I suppose for glass the future could not be clearer…

For more information see here


What to do if your car is broken into

What to do if your car is broken into

 Sadly it seems the season of car break-ins is here. Over the last few weeks we have had far too many broken windows that needed to be replaced that were due to break-ins. So we thought maybe a quick check list of what to do when your car is broken into would be a good idea.

Contact The Police: You are most likely missing a few things and as such you should file a police report as soon as you can, and preferably before you move the car. Don’t call 911, but use the non-emergency number at (306) 777-6500. We know you probably feel violated and you are a victim of crime but try to remember that it was probably nothing personal.

 You will need to show ID and most likely registration papers when they arrive. If you do have to move the car try to take some pictures for proof of what went on.

Contact Your Insurance Agent: most likely the car is damaged and you will need to get the glass replaced and possibly some items. Call them and see if anything is covered. If you need some help with that drop in and we can help you. Remember also that your home owners insurance may cover items not covered by your automobile policy.

Repair The Glass: Yes, this is where we can come in and be of real service. Your auto glass is a part of safe driving and so if you do get your glass broken, then be sure to swing in and get us to replace it!

Prevent Identity Theft: If you have your wallet, purse or any items stolen with credit cards, or any other personally identifying information then be sure to cancel the credit cards and follow what this link to the RCMP says to do.

Beat The Spring Rush

Beat The Spring Rush

Beat the Spring Rush !!

 Have you new Window Requirements Measured and Quoted Now !

 In Saskatchewan we have a relatively short installation season for new windows, yet everyone waits until spring to get them measured up and on order.

   During this time delivery on just the PVC Frames runs anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks which quickly runs through the installation season as times are booked.

At Hepting Glass we encourage you to have us come out , measure up your requirements and quote on them and get them on order now, so you can have them installed as early as weather allows, and then are not waiting for windows and Installation next fall / winter as temperatures drop.

 Hepting Glass Centre looks forward to providing all your requirements in the area.

New Wood Frames

New Wood Frames

 Wood windows have essentially gone out of style and sometimes the time to get new frames made is around six weeks. But with a little ingenuity, a router table and a table saw its interesting to see what can be done.

 Our client is a huge housing developer who needed to replace a lot of old wood frames. Of course the whole assembly is not even made anymore and totally unavailable…

 So we made them a whole new frame and new glass. Like we say, we can fix it all…

 The before and after pictures are pretty cool also. Here is the “after” picture:

wood frame after

We Fix Industrial Glass

We Fix Industrial Glass

Between residential and commercial glass repairs is a huge area for industrial glass repairs. The thing about industrial is that most of the time its not always glass repairs but plexiglass and lexan windows also…

The reason is that industrial machines like dozers, graders, rig equipment, forklifts, bobcats, semi trucks and backhoes etc…  all of need to have a really tough and flexible product that can take a few hits.  In any industrial glass installation there is a serious need for flexibility, toughness and non-breakage. That’s where tempered glass and the odd Plexiglas or Lexan comes in.

On an industrial site one has to use the best plan for strength and safety…

Since we have been doing this for years we have been amassing a huge amount of templates. This helps out the industrial sites as the glass needs to be custom cut as it is tempered, and you cannot cut tempered glass, it has to be custom made.  More on tempered glass here.

If you need we can also come out to the site, get the broken unit and make sure we can get back just as quick as possible. We know that time is of the essence when you have big rigs and time constraints.

We even have hard hats for when we come onto your site. Yes, we are prepared!

When to Buy Windows

When to Buy Windows

 Most people take a look at new windows in the spring, but that might be a bad idea if you want to get your windows in by summer. Here at Hepting we have an idea that might help you get those windows in quickly and help you save a bit of time and hassle.

How It Works:

 In the winter not a lot of people are looking at getting their windows done as it’s just too cold and miserable. So everyone waits for spring and when spring comes its quite the rush to get the new windows in. Everyone orders and then the factories back up, the orders take longer and everyone gets backed up.

 So here is a better idea:

 Give us a call before spring, we can measure and make sure the units are correct for what you need. Come the first weeks of when spring should be here we can order the units and get them here within a couple of weeks. You wont have to wait for sometimes eight weeks during the spring stampede.

 We like to make your life a bit easier here at Hepting, hope this helps if you are looking for new windows or sealed units!





The Different Styles of Windows

The Different Styles of Windows

Ever wonder about the different types of windows out there? Here is a small list to get you thinking about what you might need. We can cover a lot of ground here quickly, Regina really will never have a jalousie window – but if you need it we can most likely get it. Just don’t complain about a bit of a draft in winter!

Fixed Windows: These are quite common in commercial and industrial buildings. They are simply fixed glass units that have no opening or closing abilities.

Sliding Windows: These units offer a good combination on ease of use, venting and good light. Many new homes have these installed

Double or Single Hung: These windows can be the new PVC windows of the last few years but they also go back to older homes where there can be a counter-weight installed in the sides of the window. The older wood ones can have a lot of problems with getting stuck and not going up and down smoothly, but the new PVC ones – no worries with that.

Casement Windows: These sealed glass units are great for getting a breeze in as they open all the way and allow for maximum breeze.

Awning Windows: Used a lot in mid century and basement windows these offer a good way blend of light and air. The one downside is with a crank mechanism they cannot open too far and may impede breezes coming in.

Hopper Style: These windows are a lot like awning windows but they swing inwards. Not easy for screens but in some areas they are a good idea as the whole window can be opened.

Centre Pivot: The whole window will open from a central pivot point. Again putting in a screen is pretty impossible but like many applications they can be a good solution for the right application.

Jalousie Style: Pretty well unheard of in Western Canada as its small louvers provide excellent air movement and can usually be opened in the rain. Mostly used in hot and tropical areas… For more information: has an excellent article on different styles and even a bit of  a primer on smart glass technologies coming into play.

different styles of windows

Glass Backsplashes

Glass Backsplashes

 There are a lot of different applications for glass here in Regina. Yes, we do rock chips, auto glass and we fix just about any type of glass you might think about – but did you ever think about getting a solid glass back splash?

 This is a fairly new application for glass but since its introduction it has become quite popular. Solid glass back splashes have no place for germs or bacteria to hide, wash up very easily, installation is way faster and cleaner than tiles and we bet it costs less than expensive tiles also. A bit of a win-win here for new homeowners or people looking for something a bit different for their kitchen or even bathroom.

 Sure, you could go with glass tiles or the more traditional tiles for a back splash, but if you are looking for something very clean, very modern and really easy to use – this might be the perfect idea.

  We need to start with a very clean, unblemished wall (you don’t anything to show through, so the walls cannot be unfinished! A frosted glass is the perfect choice for the glass as it tends to glow beautifully under the lights and offers a soft look.

 The glass is then placed on top of the counter-top and nailed in with a small channel of wood or metal at the top – glue cannot be used as it would show through. Then a bead of clear silicon is put in at the bottom and sides to hold the glass in place.

 The finishing is what makes the backsplash wall really beautiful. We can cut spacers and holes so that electrical and venting can come through and of course we will seal around that so that there is no dirt getting in behind the backsplash.

 If you are looking for some ideas take a look at the links here at – they have some great ideas!

 For us we think it looks pretty clean and cool. A bit of a different take on the traditional tile. What do you think?

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