usonia shower install in regina january

At Hepting Glass Centre all of our glass shower’s are ‘Custom’ made to order, giving our clients the flexibility to customize their doors and enclosures.  The Glass for these goes through a tempering process that ensures excellent durability and safety.

We also provide several options of high quality hardware to complete the overall sleek beautiful appearance.

Make your ‘Custom’ Glass Shower the centerpiece of your bathroom.  Frameless Glass doors and enclosures increase value to your home by adding a touch of luxury with it’s simple but yet elegant open concept.  By upgrading to a frameless design, you are then able to choose from a variety of finishes and styles of handles and hinges, to accent your ‘Custom’ shower.



If you prefer some privacy in the shower, there are Glass options which are opaque or patterned to provide that privacy you’re looking for.  Since all of our showers are ‘Custom’- made, the possibilities are endless depending on the style or size of your space.  We at Hepting Glass Centre, can help you choose the right shower design that will suit your bathroom.

The quality of our ‘Custom’ showers ensures that your installation will be both durable and beautiful.

Take time and ‘Enjoy The Finer Things’ you deserve.

Please get a hold of us with any inquires you may have.

Also please check out the ‘Photo’ Gallery of our work on the website for some examples.



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